BBQ Islands Everything You Need to Know: An All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen Solution

BBQ Islands Everything You Need to Know: An All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen Solution

Serious grill masters everywhere would love to build a fully custom BBQ island in their own backyard, but that's not always feasible for reasons of space, budget or time. If you'd like to upgrade your grill game with a fully kitted-out outdoor island but don't want to design the whole thing from the ground up, we recommend taking a look at our barbecue island options for less time and labor-intensive possibility.

The team here at Kickass Grills has combed the industry to bring you only the best brands and manufacturers of BBQ island kits and components, ensuring total satisfaction with every purchase. In order to make your shopping experience easier, we've compiled some information about built-in BBQ islands here to guide you through the process and help you find the solution that best meets your needs.

Why Buy a BBQ Island

Outdoor grill island kits are a popular option for many consumers because of the quality and value they provide. While a quality freestanding grill is an excellent choice for many homeowners, some are looking to expand their options with a more feature-rich set up like an outdoor kitchen. The option to add accessories like side burners, outdoor refrigerators and additional storage can turn your backyard grill hub from good to great. Customers who buy a built-in grill kit from us usually say it's for these reasons:
  • Versatility - Whether you're buying a prefabricated island unit, a modular kit or a ready-to-finish BBQ frame kit, the number of options available means there's something for almost any use case. Outdoor grilling station kits provide a level of customizability and flexibility that a standard grill setup can't really match.
  • Convenience - Being able to integrate the entire outdoor kitchen suite into a single unit means you can have everything at your fingertips while cooking. Need a refrigerator to chill beverages and store ingredients while cooking? Need a side burner to provide space to whip upsides and sauces while the steaks sear on the grill? You can do it all with an outdoor BBQ kitchen kit.
  • Value - Building an entire outdoor kitchen from scratch can be a serious investment, so if you're interested in that experience but don't want to spend quite so much, an outdoor kitchen island kit offers an excellent middle ground. You get all of the utility of a full backyard kitchen without all the expense, allowing you to put that savings toward the components that matter the most to you, like a bigger or more powerful grill.

What to Consider When Buying a BBQ Island

While we carry only the best brands of BBQ island for sale today, there are still a number of factors to consider to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment possible out of your purchase. With the variety of options available, it's important to consider some key factors before buying. In our decade of selling quality outdoor products, we've learned that customers should keep the following things in mind when buying a barbecue island to get the most from their investment:
  • Product Type - The first thing to decide is whether you'd like to go with a prefabricated, all-in-one island design or a modular system that allows a greater degree of customization. Both have their merits: a prefab design will give you everything you need in one easy-to-use kit while a modular system provides more flexibility. Keep in mind that a modular kit will require more work in your end, both in planning and assembly, but some customers find the increased options worth the labor.
  • Size and Layout - Once you've decided between prefab and modular, you'll need to plan for how large of an island you're looking to build. This will of course depend on your available space, but there are other considerations as well.

    Larger islands are able to fit more accessories and components like side burners and refrigerators, while smaller islands can free up additional space for relaxation. Getting the most out of your backyard barbecue hub can also involve planning for things like where people will sit, which will factor into your decision.
  • Components - While your BBQ island will almost always include a grill, it's totally up to you what else you would like to have integrated into the design. We offer a huge variety of islands that range from small units that offer just a grill head and storage to full kitchen counters complete with side burners, refrigerators and kamado cutouts. You can have everything and the literal kitchen sink if you like!
  • Hookups - After choosing your island and the various components and accessories, you'll need to begin planning the installation. Your grill and any additional burners will need to be supplied with propane or natural gas, but that's not all. Many high-end grills also require an electrical supply, either via an outlet or a hardwired installation, and the same is true of any refrigeration unit. On top of that, if you decide to include a sink in your barbecue island, you'll need to supply water and drainage connections.

BBQ Island FAQs

  • Do your BBQ islands include all the components? Yes. If it's listed on the product page and shown in the photos, then it comes with the island. No additional purchase is necessary.
  • Can I store a propane tank inside by BBQ island? Maybe. It will depend on the specific model of island you choose. Some islands are designed for it and some are not. Refer to individual product listings to be sure.